Cancer, The Protector – The Zodiac Sign Of The Crab

If you were born between June 21 and July 22, you are a Cancer. Your zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon and by the element of Water.

Many famous people and celebrities were born under the Cancer birth sign, including: Prince William, Bill Cosby, Julius Caesar, John Glenn, Tom Hanks, Mike Tyson, Rembrandt, Helen Keller, Robin Williams, Josh Hartnett, Dalai Lama, and Tom Cruise.

The person born under the zodiac sign of Cancer has a strong sense of family and tradition and is reverent about maintaining customs. You might find them looking at old family pictures as visiting an online genealogy site. Memories are precious to the Cancer and they love to talk about their childhood, and reminisce about past events and shared history.

A Cancerian may seem tough, and try to survive by pretending to be indifferent. In fact, horoscope of someone born under the sign of Cancer reveals a soft heart. Your Cancer friends and family members think with their hearts and their decisions are often affected by their emotions.

Happily, the zodiac sign of Cancer is not totally focused on the past. Cancerians are very interested in where they are going, and in planning a future that incorporates the interests and happiness of those they love.

The Personality Of Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign The CrabA person with the zodiac sign of Cancer might be inclined to hide their emotions so that others do not know they are hurt, angry or upset, and therefore you may find it hard to know what they are really feeling. But, beware! Lurking beneath the calm exterior you might discover a long held bitterness or grudge.

Cancer will hold on to emotional trauma or hurt and might think that other people should understand what they feel without their having to explain how they feel. Problems, worries and issues may cause the Cancer to draw inward and become silent and moody.

The Cancer zodiac provides the foundation for great empathy and the desire and ability to dig deep and find out about others. Cancerians have an instinctive understanding of how others feel and they care deeply. They are gentle and sensitive and easily hurt. They will do anything to protect their friends and family.

Your Cancer partner, or friend is great at listening to your problems, and loves parenting and nurturing others. He or she is smart, prudent and diligent. A person with a Cancer horoscope will thrive as a professor or teacher, in a customer service or hospitality career, or a nurse or social worker. Cancerians love children and often choose work that will put them in contact with youngsters.

Cancer And The Zodiac

If you are a Cancerian, you may choose a Virgo or Taurus as a friend, and your best romantic match will probably be with someone also born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, or with a Scorpio.

Those born under the zodiac signs of Libra, Gemini or Aries may be a poor match for a Cancer, and while you might be attracted to a Sagittarian or Pisces, you are likely to have some disagreements and to face conflict.

If you are born under the sign of Cancer, the Crab, you will always be loved for your nurturing, sympathetic charm. You may be challenged by emotional issues and by your inability to speak openly about your feelings, but your life will make a lasting impression on others who love you for your kindness and your good heart!

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