Find Love In The Tarot Cards

Much of the Tarot reading spread is often devoted to relationships and love. The standard suits in a Tarot deck can reveal clues to success in love. If you see a dominant suit appear in your Tarot reading, you might want to consider the meaning and pay attention to the messages if you want to succeed in your love and relationship.

  • Wands – Be patient, enthusiastic and passionate.
  • Cups – Turn up the volume on the romance, and don’t be overly sensitive.
  • Pentacles – Be supportive and loving but not boring or predictable.
  • Swords – Warm up your attitude, open up and be honest but not critical.

Today, there are more choices for the lovelorn. Tarot decks that focus on love and relationships include

  • The Art Nouveau Tarot deck (the minor arcana weaves the story of four couples throughout the cards in the arcana, suggesting romantic success and exploring disaster in love).
  • The Tarot Love Pack was designed by a psychologist to help lovers sort through the Tarot reading and find the answers they seek. The Love Tarot contains only Major Arcana cards and is designed in a romantic, Victorian Style.
  • The Lover’s Path Tarot contains cards that display love stories and legends. The Lovers Tarot contains only Major Arcana cards and is depicted in medieval images that mingle astrology and love potions.
  • The True Love Tarot card deck is dedicated to lovers and designed to help you sort out your relationships. It is a beautiful deck with fabric collages, flowers, gems and shells. The Universal Love Cards provide ‘intuitive’ imagery and paintings that depict loving feelings.

This is Extremely Powerful

There are so many choices today that it is hard to know which deck you might want to choose. Even the most standard Tarot deck can give you the information you need to see your love life more clearly. When you go to your reading, go with your questions prepared. Your reading will be more detailed if your questions are specific.

Let’s assume your reading reveals the following cards:

The Hermit – Work hard at communication, but be thoughtful about what you say and how you communicate.

The Empress – Create a love nest or make your space together more comfortable to share.

The Chariot – Accept responsibility for the things you say and do in your relationship and start the healing process. Build calm and understanding.

The Moon – Do not dwell on the past. If a relationship is not working, seek new friends and acquaintances to meet the person of your dreams.

The Hanged Man – You are going through a transformation that may help you see new dreams and opportunities. Embrace the change.

The Sun – It’s OK to lean on your friends and those you trust for advice and counsel, and to meet new people.

The Emperor – You may be meeting new romantic interests, and you should remain open to dating and seeing new people. You might just find the one you are looking for in that new group of lovers.

If you consider this overall reading, the broad view shows a period of change, where the person is looking for love, and meeting new people if they are open to change. Changes are also in the Tarot cards in the way this person thinks about love, getting past old relationship issues and reinventing the way they communicate in a romantic relationship. In order to find what he or she wants, this person must make these changes in the way they think and communicate, and to new relationships and new people.

The Love Tarot may seem complex, but if you look at the Tarot cards one by one for the individual messages, and then focus on the overall message, the Love Tarot will reveal your future!

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