The Gemini Zodiac – The Sign Of The Twins

Those born between May 21 and June 20 are born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. If you or someone you love is a , you should know that the Gemini horoscope is ruled by the planet Mercury, and the element of Air.

Celebrities and historical figures who were born under the sign of Gemini include: John F. Kennedy, Johnny Deep, John Wayne, Henry Kissinger, Cole Porter, Bob Dylan, Angelina Joliet, Nicole Kidman, Bob Hope, Anne Frank, Barry Manila, Natalie Portman, Melissa Trudge, Wayne Brady, Annette Benign, Venus Williams, Gene Wilder and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The Gemini is a great communicator and a wonderful storyteller. The Gemini horoscope reflects great intellect with a lightening fast mind to gather, process and disseminate information faster than most people can think. A Gemini is curious. She is an avid reader and loves knowledge. Challenged by an urge to learn, the Gemini is likely to know a lot about a diverse set of topics. The Gemini cannot resist learning!

Gemini The Person

Gemini Zodiac Sign The Twins

Those born under the sign of Gemini are energetic, enthusiastic and animated in groups. When they are alone with a few close friends, they can be introspective and quiet – a true demonstration of the ‘twin’ nature of this zodiac sign.

If you are a Gemini, you might be well-served to focus on one thing at a time, as your tendency is to become involved in many projects and that may make it hard for you to finish any one thing.

Gemini is flexible, funny and smart. He feels things deeply but can often seem more cerebral than heartfelt. A Gemini finds it easy to adapt, and can fit in any group, and talk his way out of any problem, or into anyone’s heart! A Gemini loves to win. She is great with children and playful with friends and lovers. The Gemini’s nature is young, energetic, and child like.

Your Gemini friend might seem mercurial, but what you might interpret as a fickle nature is just evidence that the Gemini likes to play, and needs constant stimulation to stay interested. You can be swept off your feet by a Gemini. They are charming, seductive, witty and personable. They know all the latest jokes, and trends, and can talk on just about any topic.

The Gemini may be challenging to some because those born under this zodiac sign are restless and can seem inconsistent. They shy away from a staid philosophy of life. They are inexhaustible, and can be short-tempered at times if those around them do not understand their direction.

If you are born under the sign of Gemini, you will make a great manager, psychiatrist, analyst or psychologist. You might also become an entertainer or politician, a journalist or TV anchor, a teacher or writer. The Gemini loves to travel, so any career that involves traveling will be appealing.

The Zodiac And The Gemini

The Gemini’s closest friend is often a Libra, Aquarian or Sagittarian. A Gemini might find love with an Aquarian or a Leo. Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are often attracted to the Aries sign, but these relationships are typically short-lived and shallow. A Gemini will find it difficult to befriend or love a Cancer or a Taurus and, if they become involved with a Pisces, Capricorn or Scorpio, it is likely that sparks will fly!

If you are a Gemini, your life will always be provocative and challenging. Your friends enjoy your company, your intelligence, and your creativity, but they may tire when trying to keep up with your boundless energy! Try to slow down and smell the flowers. The discovery around the next corner will still be there, even if you don’t get there today. You will always be the most animated, exciting person in the room, and you have the influence to break through barriers. Use your gifts wisely!

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