Virgo, The Virgin – The Zodiac Sign Of The Critical Thinker

If you are a Virgo, or you live with a Virgo, you are very familiar with these technically minded, critical thinkers. Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22, and the sign is ruled by the planet Mercury and the element of Earth.

The sign of Virgo is shared by some famous people, including: Keanu Reeves, Michael Jackson, Peter Falk, Eldridge Cleaver, Damon Wayans, Hugh Grant, Henry Ford II, Hank Williams, Prince Harry, Ingrid Bergman, Cameron Diaz, Tug McGraw, Itzhak Perlman, and Charlie Sheen.

If you were born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, you are truly discerning in your choices. You love quality products and people with a good reputation. You are ethical and honest and you try to follow the golden rule. The Virgo knows that the devil is in the details and will strive to complete the picture.

Virgos are dedicated to community and want the world to improve for the sake of all concerned. A Virgo is not likely to pay attention to foolish things that seem to serve no purpose.

The Virgo horoscope reflects a strong personality who likes to give advice and wants others to listen. The Virgo likes to plan a speech, organize their thoughts, and then look for the spotlight and talk for as long as someone will listen.

Virgo The Person

Virgo Zodiac Sign The VirginA Virgo’s desire to organize the world may mean that he is over-committed. He may become exhausted, and need to set priorities and clear the extraneous issues from his life in order to better focus on the few important issues he must address.

Those born under the Virgo horoscope do not like spontaneity. They want to be well-prepared and rehearse for their time before an audience, so don’t expect them to speak extemporaneously. Still, the Virgo is able to quickly integrate information, think critically about an issue and find a solution, so you won’t have to wait long for them to prepare.

If your spouse or best friend is a Virgo, you will find them suspicious of new things, and ready to dismiss those who do not offer a practical, solid explanation of an idea. If you want to convince them of the merit of your idea, you will have to provide plenty of supporting evidence and credible information. Don’t bore your Virgo with a long explanation. When you are talking to a Virgo, keep it short, and precise, and then let them decide, and be prepared for criticism.

The Virgo may not like it when thoughts or ideas are out of place, but they may not be as concerned with order in the home or among their possessions – though they will always know just where to find that pair of summer shoes or the file they need for their annual taxes.

A Virgo will often be found in the garden, keeping the books for an accounting firm, working as a librarian or teacher, a doctor, medical researcher, or court reporter.

Zodiac And The Virgo

A Virgo’s best friend is often a Taurus, or a Capricorn. The Virgo’s heart probably belongs to a Scorpio or a Pisces. The Virgo does not get along well with an Aries, a fellow Virgo or a Cancer, but with effort might find a lasting relationship with a Libra or Aquarius, though there is no doubt that these friendships and romances will take a lot of work!

If you are a Virgo, you will always see the details and want to organize everything and everyone. You might have some problems with spontaneity and hate it when you lose control, but if you can suppress your need to plan and control every issue, including where you and your friends are going for dinner, your hard-working, can-do attitude will take you far!

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